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The Catholic Comeback - Archdiocese of Milwaukee


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Sunday Liturgies

St. Veronica & Nativity of the Lord Liturgy

We will be recording and posting our Sunday liturgy at 4pm on Saturday. Please visit:

Here for St. Veronica


Here for Nativity of the Lord


Weekday Masses

Beginning July 6, we will resume our daily Masses schedule.

Nativity of the Lord, Monday and Friday, 8:30 am

St. Veronica, Wednesday and Thursday, 8:30 am

This is subject to change once Fr. Carmelo become responsible for St. Paul Parish. Already scheduled Mass intentions will be moved to the next available weekday Mass.

I Wear A Mask To Protect You. Please Wear A Mask To Protect Me

The type of masks we are wearing are approximately 60% effective at blocking incoming virus germs, but are about 90% effective at blocking outgoing virus germs from the wearer. Tracking of virus breakout vectors indicates that about half of the people infected outside of the hospital or care facility are infected by non-mask wearing persons carrying the virus but who are not symptomatic at the time they infect others.

While this is the primary reason for asking you to wear a face covering at Mass, please consider doing this in the mindset of "caring for others". Christ calls us to love God and our neighbor as ourselves. Christ even calls us to love our enemies. At this point in time an expression of love for others-even enemies-is to wear a mask. Thank you for considering this. 

South Shore Parishes Update

Fr. Carmelo recently made an announcement regarding the structure of our South Shore Parishes. Fr. Arul has been reassigned to Holy Apostles in New Berlin while leaving St. Paul and Sacred Heart of Jesus. Originally Fr. Jon Jenkins was going to be an Associate for St. Paul and Sacred Heart of Jesus, but he was directed by his Ordinary to take a parish in Texas instead. The new arrangement will have Fr. Carmelo add St. Paul to his pastorship and Fr. Phillip Schumaker will add Sacred Heart of Jesus. These changes take place August 4. The logistics of Masses and all other operations are yet to be determined once the needs are known. Please pray for Fr. Carmelo and Fr. Phillip and yourselves, as change is imminent for all six parishes. God listens to your prayers and always leads us down the path that's right for us. HAVE FAITH!

Support Catholic Needs

Please Support Our Local Catholic Needs

During the Coronavirus Crisis

Dear Friends,

We need your help!  Our neighbors, families, archdiocesan ministries and parishes need your support.  If you are able, please consider supporting these three very important local efforts:

Support Your Parish

We ask that you continue to support your parish through online giving or by mailing your contributions to the parish office.  Every contribution, no matter the size, is needed and appreciated. Go to your parish website to make a gift or you can send a check directly to the parish office.

Archbishop's Message Regarding Parish Support

Coronavirus Emergency Fund 

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee has created a Coronavirus Emergency Fund to help alleviate the financial hardship caused by the pandemic. Requests for support are being received from foodbanks, inner city ministries and religious orders.  Please help us fund these requests! 

Click Here for Support Information and to Donate Online 

Catholic Stewardship Appeal 

Help keep our vital ministries strong and continue to help us serve more than 500,000 Catholics living in southeastern Wisconsin.

Click Here for Information and to Donate Online

Catholic Stewardship Appeal Video 

If you have any questions, please contact Andy Gaertner at (414)769-3322

or email at [email protected].


Thank You for your generosity!


In an effort to assist Catholics everywhere, we are opening our doors to make the FORMED platform free to everyone for 40 days.

Sign up today for “Faith at Home” at 

Then click on “Resources & Inspiration”.  As a “Parish”, type in “Milwaukee” and choose “Faith at Home” for access to the best Catholic movies, faith formation videos, audio talks, and great children’s videos.

Great Idea Box

Edison had a great idea and made the world brighter. You have a great idea that can move St. Veronica forward into an even brighter future. SHARE IT! Our Great Idea box is located near the Ushers room, or you can share your Great Idea electronically below. Even a small change can have a ripple effect. In Luke's Gospel, Jesus calls us to be the Light of the World. We are St. Veronica Parish - let us move forward together!


St. Veronica Mass Times

Weekend Masses:
Saturday 4:15 pm
Sunday 10:30 am

Weekday Masses:
Monday 8:15 am
Wednesday 8:05 am (STAA Mass during school year)
Thursday 8:15 am

Saturdays at 3:15 pm and Thursdays following the 8:15 am Mass

NL Mass Times

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Are you receiving our twice a month e-newsletter? If not email parish office at [email protected] and provide us with your current email address.

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Office Hours

Monday - Thursday 8am - 4pm, closed for lunch 12-1pm
Friday 8am-12pm
*closed Saturday and Sunday

What's Tillie Doing?

  • Tillie enjoying some pie at a pre-Thanksgiving celebration
  • I'm here to volunteer. Heard you had some good treats.
  • Tillie enjoying new her bed won at STAA Auction.
  • Tillie working hard on the next e-newsletter. Sign up for yours today.
  • Tillie earns "EotM" for the 19th straight time. (That's 133 dog months.)
  • Tillie believes the accessory makes the outfit.
  • The new Queen of Hearts!
  • Tillie's fleece is white as snow.
  • Tillie finds room for one more on her rocking chair.
  • Tillie knows singing only gets you so far. Gotta dance too!
  • Tillie contemplates if the paperless office is really possible.
  • Tillie likes to live on the edge!
  • Tillie knows she's groomed & gorgeous!
  • Tillie rests up for her next adventure.
  • Tillie confirms she likes books with more pictures.
  • Tillie couldn't fix the printer. It's in God's hands, now.
  • Tillie is ready for her morning break.
  • Tillie runs the Parish Office.
  • Tillie discovers the puppet collection and naturally assumes it's hers.
  • Tillie hopes this cold snap is a short one.
  • Tillie sniffed out the attempted swipe of her Christmas present.
  • Tillie couldn't wait to get out of bed and open her presents!
  • Tillie curls up and rests before her afternoon staff meeting.
  • Tillie sees you when you're sleeping. She knows when you're awake.
  • Tillie wonders just how many squirrels might be outside that window.
  • Tillie approves the final edits for this week's bulletin.
  • Tillie artfully demonstrates that going backwards is a trap.
  • Tillie doesn't seem to like the report prepared for her.
  • Tillie is deep in thought about this election. Very deep in thought.
  • Tillie admits that she's cute...and might have eaten some of your lunch.
  • Tillie contemplates her next move.



  • Jul 7 2020  7:30 pm - AA
  • Jul 8 2020  11:00 am - AA
  • Jul 8 2020  4:00 pm - Food Pantry

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Current Bulletin

  • Sun, Jul 12th

  • Sun, Jul 5th

  • Sun, Jun 21st

  • Sun, Jun 14th

  • Sun, Jun 7th


Fr. CarmeloFr. Carmelo Giuffre, Shared Pastor of Nativity of the Lord Parish and                St. Veronica Congregation


Fr. PhilFr. Phillip Schumaker, Shared Pastor of Immaculate Conception and St. Augustine of Hippo

Fr. ArulFr. Arul Ponniayan, Shared Pastor of Sacred Heart of Jesus and      St. Paul Parish


Patrick LaPointe, Permanent Deacon

In God's Time


Simon [Peter]…, do you love me…? (Jn 21:xx)


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Courageous Communion

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FORMED Comment Board

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