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Catholic Organizations


Knot Group

The Knot Group engages in the Fiber Arts –knitting, crocheting, embroidery, etc. – at the parish every week, All levels of skills are welcomed to join in, either on their own or parish projects like the recently completed Prayer Shawls.


Dart Ball 

Dart ball is posponed until further notice.


Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is an affiliated ministry within the parish. We are blessed to have active members who offer their support and service by living out their faith.


St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul is a team of parishioners who offer help and hope to individuals and families in need. Our efforts are focused on the southside of Milwaukee. We meet twice monthly (1st & 3rd Mondays) where we discuss the requested needs in our area and assign two home visit volunteers. We conduct home visits to determine the extent of the individuals or family’s needs. We pray with and offer other resources that might assist the family/individual to move toward independence. As a group we work to encourage spiritual growth with the help of our advisor and develop friendship across the team.


Additionally, we request participation from all parish members during the year to supply school supplies for pantry children, Christmas gifts for our pantry children and pillows and blankets we take along on home visits for individuals to rest easy. We also sponsor a meal program (every month that has a 5th Thursday) for the homeless at the St. Vincent de Paul meal site. To create this meal, we have developed a “Bucket Brigade” of parishioners who cook and serve the meal. (Help is always appreciated!). Finally, we have an annual truck collection for gently used items that can be donated to the St. Vincent de Paul Stores.


There are many ways that you can assist us in our ministry. Join as a full member and receive training for our activities, assist at any of the collections, join the Bucket Brigade or assist at the Food Pantry. Watch for information in the Parish Bulletin requesting help and assistance with specific needs.

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