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Posted by Eric Schmidt

“May the word of God always be heard in this place, as it unfolds the mystery of Christ before you and achieves your salvation within the Church.” From the Rite for the Blessing of an Ambo


This weekend St Veronica Church will formally bless its “new” ambo.  The ... Read More »


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“The days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them, and then they will fast.  (Mat 9:15)


            Do you remember the last time you fasted?  For me, it was two months ago when blood had to be drawn from my small veins to check my ... Read More »


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            We’re in the final seven days of the Church’s calendar year and we honor it with the Solemnity of Christ the King.  Beginning next weekend, with the First Sunday of Advent, the Roman Rite will commence a new liturgical year.  It’s the ideal time to introduce you to ... Read More »


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Evangelization:  A responsibility or a right?

            In my high school American Civics classes, I was taught that citizenship brings with it both rights and responsibilities.  By virtue of belonging to our nation, we have certain privileges bestowed on us by law.  However, we're also expected to take up ... Read More »


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“I will follow you, Lord, but first ______________.” (Lk 9:61)  

I’m thrilled with the total team effort that propelled the Brewers into the National League Playoffs.  To show their loyalty and support, Brewer fans have been gobbling up the team’s merchandise.  (I can also envision what some people ... Read More »


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“To anyone who has, more will be given.” (Lk 8:18)


When you read these words, do you see yourself as, “one who has” or “one who has not?”  For most of the summer, I’ve been going to physical therapy appointments to recover from my reverse-shoulder replacement surgery.  Just ... Read More »


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“Christ is all and in all." (Col 3:11) This concept of Christ being “…in all,” is a very essential aspect of Jesuit spirituality.  The founder of the Jesuits, St. Ignatius of Loyola, wanted people to find God in every person, in every place and in every situation.  So he ... Read More »


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“Lord, I praise you because ___________.” Try visualizing a pie chart with this title:  “How I Spend My Prayer Time.”  In this chart are four different slices:  Intercessory Prayer, Repentance, Listening and Praising.  (Perhaps two others should also be included: Daydreaming and Dozing Off!)  Now, suppose you’re pressed for ... Read More »


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“See, now that this has touched you lips, your wickedness is removed, your sin purged" (Is 6:7). Have you ever bought a new outfit or repainted your kitchen and you just couldn’t wait to show it off to your friends?  It’s ENERGIZING when something new like this happens because ... Read More »


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“For freedom Christ set us free.” (Galatian 5:1) Did you know that a battle is going on in your mind right now?  When St Paul speaks of the “freedom” Jesus won for us, he’s telling us that we can win this battle and be free from the attacks of ... Read More »