Prayer Network

St. Veronica's prayer network started in the fall of 1992. You may have seen articles in the bulletin regarding prayer intentions along with time intervals and parishioners names. There's also a book of intentions that's located in church.

While this organization doesn't get much attention, it is an important part of our community.  The prayer network does not require attending any meetings, specific prayers, or place of worship. You can pray where ever you are: in your home, in the car, standing in line at a store, at work, or sitting in a park. What's important is that you take time to pray for the person needing prayers.  The number of prayer requests can vary by day or week. If you're interested or want more information please call Sue Hills at 414 482-4466 or the parish office, 414 482-2920.

Please consider becoming a part of this vital ministry. Never underestimate the power of prayer!