“The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want” (Ps 23:1)

            In my early years as a pew-warmer, I freely confess that when I opened the missalette at Mass on a day like today and saw the length of the Gospel reading, I gave a little sigh.  “I hope it’s a quiet one.”  I was afraid I was such a product of my times that I didn’t want to sit through—or worse, stand through—a lengthy reading at Mass.  On a weekend like this, I earnestly hope, if not actually pray, that you’re not thinking that the priest (or deacon) will choose the shorter option to the Gospel.

            It isn’t just my general 21st century impatience; it’s also knowing “the end” of the story.  This weekend?  Spoiler alert:  The blind man is healed and comes to believe in Jesus.  We all know we need to get better at being patient and listening more attentively.  Unfortunately, the only way to do that is to more patient and listen attentively!

            On Tuesday, March 28, beginning at 7pm., the South Shore Communal Reconciliation Service will take place at Nativity of the Lord Parish.  There will be a brief prayer service followed by individual confession and absolution.  There will be nine priests assisting with reconciliation.  Please don’t hesitate to take advantage of this healing sacrament.  The Father joyfully anticipates the chance to be merciful and gracious to you.  There will be no lectures or scathing rebukes—just mercy and joy!

            On the Fifth Sunday of Lent, April 1/2, Fr. Arul Ponniayan will be the celebrant at three of the four weekend Masses at our parishes.  He’s the shared administrator of nearby St Paul and Sacred Heart of Jesus Parishes.  Both of us have agreed to do a “pulpit switch,” which means I will preside at the Masses at Fr. Arul’s parishes.  Please welcome him warmly!

In God’s Time,




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