One of the reasons I like this weekend’s Gospel is it shows two people who are very human.  The first is Jesus, who, St. Luke tells us, was “…tired from the journey.”  I can imagine Him plopping down by the well as the noon day sun beats down on Him.  He really wants a drink of water!  And the second is the woman who comes there alone at that time of day because, as Scripture scholars say, the other women would have nothing to do with someone who’s been divorced and remarried so many times.  But the reason I like her is because of her spunk.  She’s ready to verbally spar with a thirsty, out-of-towner named Jesus.  All those famous, less-than-famous, and infamous people in the Gospels were first and foremost—people.  They had good days and bad days just like we do.

I want to personally thank the handful of people from both parishes who accepted my challenge to step up and volunteer for our liturgical ministries.  If you have thought about becoming an usher, greeter, lector, server, cantor or Eucharistic minister, now is the ideal time.  We will certainly provide the training you need to get started.  If you’re hesitant about coming forward and getting involved, however, please consider discussing it with me or with any of the ministers who are currently involved in the ministry that you are interested in.  I can’t stress enough on how everyone’s involvement in the Liturgy really enhances the beauty of our weekend services.  

A couple people have emailed me the Facebook video of a 4-legged terrier named, “Friar Carmelo” in a Franciscan habit.  I shared the video with my dog, Tillie, and has become extremely jealous because she doesn’t have a religious habit of her own.  Hmm, it’s going to be one of those dog days…

In God’s Time,



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